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Maitra S, Brault MA, Schensul SL, Schensul JJ, Nastasi BK, Verma RK & Burleson JA. (2015) “An Approach to Mental Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Case Example from Urban India”, International Journal of Mental Health, 44:3, 215-230.

Mosher HI, Moorthi G, Li J, Weeks MR. (2015) “A qualitative analysis of peer recruitment pressures in respondent driven sampling: Are risks above the ethical limit?” International Journal of Drug Policy. PMID: 26141164

Nair S, Schensul JJ, Begum S, Pednekar M, Oncken C, Bilgi S, Pasi A, & Donta B. (2015). “Use of Smokeless Tobacco by Indian Women Aged 18-40 Years during Pregnancy and Reproductive Years.” PLOS One, open access, published March 18, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0119814.

Schensul SL, Singh R, Schensul JJ, Verma RK, Burleson JA, Nastasi BK. (2015) “Community gender norms change as a part of a multilevel approach to sexual health among married women in Mumbai India.” American Journal of Community Psychology. PMID: 26136202

Weeks MR, Kostick K, Li J, Dunn J, McLaughlin P, Richmond P, Choudhury S, Obidoa C, Mosher H, Martinez M. (2015) “Translation of the Risk Avoidance Partnership (RAP) for implementation in outpatient drug treatment clinics.” Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. PMID: 26098970

Weeks MR, Zhan W, Li J, Hilario H, Abbott M, and Medina Z. (2015) “Female condom use and adoption among men and women in a general low-income urban U.S. population.” AIDS & Behavior. PMID: 25840799.

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