Sharing Our Work

At ICR, we use many ways to share our own work and the research and perspectives of others in order to contribute to community understanding of social problems and potential solutions.

These can include dialogue and community debate, exhibits, film and photography, interactive performances, multimedia community installations, and numerous other creative ways that blend science and art to communicate information and values. Most efforts to share research methods and findings target the scientific public through professional conferences and peer reviewed journal publications. Community-based research must do that and more—it must also engage local publics and wider audiences in understanding, interpreting, and applying the results of research.

Publications >

View the most recent publications by ICR researchers. See all >

Exhibits >

ICR exhibits reach and engage broad audiences by bringing together researchers, artists, and diverse community members. Our exhibits are designed to share new knowledge and scientific results, cultural traditions and representation, and expressive awareness of the world in which we live. See all >

Participatory Work >

Videos/films, performances, artworks, and more. Participatory research methods can use creative approaches to display research models, design effective health interventions, communicate research results, and engage communities in action to improve and enrich their lives. See all >

Youth PAR Presentations >

Many youth who have gone through the Participatory Action Research (PAR) process at ICR have shared their work and research experiences at special public events. These events are opportunities to describe a problem of significant concern in their lives, and to present their research, results, and recommendations for community action to bring about change. See all >

ICR Sponsored Conferences >

ICR conferences explore key issues and community research related to social justice, equity in health, education, and cultural conservation, and other topics relevant to our mission. Central to many of our conferences are the goals to advance best practices in community research methods and to use scientific and community knowledge to promote and advocate for innovative and comprehensive solutions to troubling trends and problems of our times. See all >

Forums/Speaker Series >

Sharing viewpoints, generating debate, dialogue, and advocacy, and keeping diverse audiences up to date on new developments are the goals of ICR forums and speaker presentations. See all >