Our Board

President of the Board
Marnie Mueller, Ph.D.
Retired, formerly with Connecticut General Life Insurance Co.

Vice President
Louise Simmons, Ph.D.
University of Connecticut, School of Social Work

E. Anne Foss, MBA
East West Builders

Jilda Aliotta, Ph.D.
University of Hartford, Dept. of Politics & Government

Matthew Horowiitz
Wolf, Horowitz & Etlinger, L.L.C.

David C. Johnson
Belcan Engineering Consulting Inc.

Evelyn Phillips, Ph.D.
Central Connecticut State University, Arts and Sciences

David Roozen, Ph.D.
Hartford Seminary

Thomas Gordon Smith
Retired, formerly with Hartford Public Schools

Graciela Quinones-Rodriquez, LCSW
University of Connecticut, Counseling & Mental Health Services

Institutional Review Board

David Roozen
IRB Chair, Hartford Seminary, Hartford Institute for Religion Research

Kim Radda
IRB Co-Chair, Institute for Community Research

Emily Marble
IRB Research Administrator, Institute for Community Research

Stephen Adair
Central Connecticut State University, Dept of Sociology

Jilda Aliotta
University of Hartford, Dept of Politics and Government

Ashika Brinkley  
Connecticut Association of Directors of Health

Robin McHaelen
True Colors, Inc.

Evelyn N. Phillips
Central Connecticut State University, Dept. of Anthropology

Alternate Members:

Clara Acosta-Glynn 
Retired, formerly North Central Area Agency on Aging

Karen Breda          
University of Hartford, College of Education, Nursing & Health Professions

Colleen Foster-Bey  
Institute for Community Research

Clair Kaplan  
Planned Parenthood

Orlando Velazco