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Forums/Speaker Series

Forums/Speaker Series

Sharing viewpoints, generating debate, dialogue, and advocacy, and keeping diverse audiences up to date on new developments are the goals of ICR forums and speaker presentations.

The Hartford HIV Forum (1998 – 2007)

This monthly speaker series, co-sponsored by ICR and the CTAIDS Education and Training Center, continued for nearly a decade. Topics included updates on HIV treatments, evidence-based interventions to prevent transmission, reaching special high-risk populations, research on the social contexts of risk and prevention, co-morbidity of HIV and other diseases, and care and support for people with HIV.

Changing Risk, Risking Change: Four National Dialogues

Five conversations with internationally recognized speakers addressed cultural arts and community building (Tats Cru graffiti artists, Bronx, NY and Bill Strickland, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, Pittsburgh, PA), cultural perspectives on early childhood development (Eurnestine Brown, Syracuse University), structural intervention and network research for HIV prevention (Sam Friedman, National Development Research Institutes, NY), and teen action research for community change (Elizabeth Chin, Occidental College, LA and researchers from ICR).

Whose Cultures Count? (1988)

This was a four part series of discussions highlighting the need for programs that diversify cultural representation in the arts.

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