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Pathways for NLRP3 inflammasome activation

Air pollution and Chinese Medicine: a new paper

Study investigates the mechanisms by which Traditional Chinese Medicine can address and prevent damage to human health by air pollution

Collaborations between ICR researchers and academic researchers can yield impressive results that apply to every day life. In this paper, problems associated with particulate (and ultra-fine particulate) matter in our air and their impacts on our bodies are looked at closely, with an eye toward identifying where things begin to go awry. Chinese medicine, the use of both accupuncture and herbal approaches, is also discussed as a means of reducing the negative impacts by reducing our bodies’ inflammatory reactions, something at the foundation of many public health crises across our cities. By investigating traditional medical approaches, this paper suggests opening the door to closer inspection of the value and uses of medical and lifestyle decisions in addressing current, pressing problems many Americans have to deal with. Read the paper here.

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Kathy Engle-Dulac

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