At the Institute for Community Research, we use research to promote justice and equity. We believe that innovation, discovery, and transformation come from actively engaging scientists and non-scientists to solve social problems.

We use rigorous standards to conduct research and engage community members as partners in the process. Because of the strength of our partnerships, our research and programs generate meaningful change and promote community voice and values.

ICR research is grounded in principles of individual, group, and community empowerment. We offer the tools of research to communities so that they can seek solutions to problems they believe are relevant and important.

At ICR, we recognize that people learn, express themselves, and act through different mediums. Since our founding in 1987, ICR’s approach and methods have integrated science, art, and action to examine complex social problems, stimulate dialogue, and share knowledge among diverse audiences.

The work that the Institute for Community Research does has tangible benefits to the communities in which they work. Our experience working with ICR on collaborative projects over the years has been beneficial to both our organization and the people we serve.

Phil Richmond, Hartford Dispensary