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CRA blog posts: A new method of staying connected

Last year we sent an intermittent newsletter to CRA affiliates with links to current health disparity topics of interest to keep everyone up to date with selected useful articles, blogs and videos.

This year we are starting something new:  A BLOG that highlights significant health topics from a health equity perspective.

We are thinking of including topics on abortion legislation, guns and gun violence, COVID, and food security and urban climate change but there are many more so…..

Please let us know what topics you are interested in, and if you would like to contribute with a short blog. There are no real guidelines but length (7 – 8 paragraphs), focused (focus on one topic, don’t try to cover too much), and minimum but key references including URLs or newspaper articles. Photos, charts, graphs and other visuals are fine.

Our first blog is by Elizabeth Jadovich, Yale School of Public Health and community based public health researcher, on myths about abortion and mental health.

The second blog, next week, is by Judy Lewis, professor emeritus, UCONN Department of Public Health Sciences, an advocate for equitable women’s health care globally and locally, on the long history of accepted, approved and conducted abortion in the US.

We will post all blogs and related public health materials on the CRA website:;  the CRA Facebook page:; and the ICR website: To learn more about the CRA and its previous work, please go to our CRA project page.

From CRA management:

Jean Schensul, Candida Flores, Danielle Green Montaque, and the CRA Steering Committee

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