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Youth Rxeaction

Youth Rxeaction

Prescription pills

Youth Rxeaction

In this project, a team of seven West Hartford high school youth created two YouTube videos depicting common scenarios of prescription drug misuse in their town. Through the project, the youth were able to develop two common scenarios to be videotaped and disseminated to their peers using YouTube.

Project Description

Please read the project description here.


See the storyboard youth developed in planning one of their films here.

These short docudramas are based on true stories and research conducted by teens. They explore teens’ experiences with the pressures and consequences of misusing prescription drugs. The films were developed and produced by youth as part of a social marketing campaign to prevent teen substance use. See the film Epic Bail here.

See the film No Prescription for Dating here.

This short docudrama is based on research conducted by teens to better understand the issue of underage drinking from a youth perspective. The film was developed and produced by youth as an arts-based intervention for their peers. A “choose your own ending” style was used to produce an interactive learning environment for teens to reflect on ways that different characters could change the story outcome by making different decisions. See the film New Year’s Eve Party here.