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Smokeless Tobacco Project

Smokeless Tobacco Project

Smokeless tobacco project

Smokeless Tobacco Project: Smokeless Tobacco Use and Reproductive Health Practices Among Women in Mumbai, India:

ICR and researchers from the National Institute for Research on Reproductive Health, Mumbai, a center of the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR), received three years of funding to study a “slum” in Mumbai. Marketing strategies for different types of smokeless tobacco vary depending on local cultural practices. In India, many forms of non-smoked tobacco have existed for some time. During the early qualitative phase, the study identified smokeless tobacco outlets and the forms of smokeless tobacco available in the study community or nearby. Researchers then conducted in-depth interviews with community experts and women users about smokeless tobacco practices and reproductive health, as well as a survey with a sample of 400 smokeless tobacco users.

Project Staff

Jean J. Schensul, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

National Institute for Research on Reproductive Health, Mumbai
Saritha Nair, Co- Principal Investigator

Dr. Donta Balaiah

Sameena Bilgi

Sunitha Goveas

Kavita Amol Patil

Sunita James DMello

Vaishali Kiran Kadam

Dr. Pasi Yogitha

Healis Foundation

Navi Mumbai

P.C. Gupta

Mangesh Pednekar


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