2021 Publications

Reisine, S., Schensul, JJ., Salvi, Apoorva, Grady, James, Ha Toan, Li, Jianghong. 2021. Does sequencing matter? A cross-over randomized trial to evaluate a bi-level community-based intervention to improve oral hygiene among vulnerable adults. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. Accepted for publication.

Reisine, S., Schensul, JJ., Salvi, A., Li, J., Ha, T., Grady, J. (2021) The effects of social determinants of health on a  bi-level clinical trial to improve oral hygiene among older and disabled adults living in low income housing. Journal of Disability and Oral Health. Accepted for publication.

Schensul, JJ., Reisine, Susan, Salvi, A., Ha, Toan, Grady, James, Li, Jianghong. 2021. Evaluating mechanisms of change in an oral hygiene improvement trial with older adults. Under final review, BMC Oral Health.

Schensul SL, Ha T, Schensul JJ, Grady J, Burleson JA, Gaikwad S, Joshi K, Malye R, Sarna A. Multilevel and Multifactorial Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Consumption and Improve ART Adherence and Related Factors Among HIV Positive Men in Mumbai, India. AIDS Behav. 2021 May 20. doi: 10.1007/s10461-021-03303-y. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34014429.

Schensul, J. (2021). Community based research partnerships for co-constructing participatory forms of social justice research and action. Tracce Urbana, 8:43-68.

Book Chapters
Schensul, Jean J. Methodological Issues in Participatory Research with Older Adults. In Howell, Britteny and Harrod, Ryan P (ed) 2021, Anthropological Perspectives on Aging. University Press of Florida, In press.

Newsletter Articles
Schensul, S.  & Schensul, J. 2021. Two decades of research and multilevel intervention on HIV/STI in Mumbai, India. The Community Psychologist (TCP) Newsletter, Division 27, Society for Community Psychology, International section edited by Douglas Perkins, Vanderbilt University, and Olga Oliveira Cunha, NOVA University.

Emily Morrison, Jean Schensul, et al. 2021. Final report to Social Science Research Council and British Academy on Community Engagement and Vaccine Hesitancy, a four site cross national comparison.

Case study
Schensul, Jean., 2021. Confronting COVID 19 vaccination challenges: the Hartford Story. Available on request.