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2020 Publications

2020 Publications

2020 Publications

Green, H.D., Weeks, M.R., Berman, M., Salvi, A., Gonzalez, R., Rohena, L., Ferguson, A., and Li, J. (2020) The impact of perceptions of community stigma on utilization of HIV care services. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 7 (2): 383-391.

Schensul, J. (2021). Community based research partnerships for co-constructing participatory forms of social justice research and action. Tracce Urbana, 8:43-68.

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Schensul, J., Salvi, A., Ha, T. Grady, J., Li, Jianghong, Reisine, S. (2020). Evaluating Cognitive /emotional and Behavioral Mediators of Oral Health Outcomes in Vulnerable Older Adults. Jr. Applied Gerontology, p. 1 – 11, 0733464820974920 (online).

Weeks, M.R., Lounsbury, D.W., Li, J., Green, H.D., Berman, M., Rohena, L., Gonzalez. R., Mosher, H.I., & Hirsch, G. System Dynamics (SD) Model of the HIV Care Continuum: Model Protocol (V.2). March 20, 2020.

Sarna, A., Singh, R.J., Schensul, J., Gaikwad, S. Joshi, K, Malye R. Mahapatra, B., Ha, T. and Schensul, S. (2020 online) Viral load outcomes in a cohort of alcohol-consuming people living with HIV receiving antiretroviral therapy in Mumbai, India. International Journal of STD and AIDs, 0(0), 1-10. Online.

Singh, Roopal Jyoti Sarna, Avina, Schensul, J., Mahapatra, Bidhubhushan, Schensul, Stephen. (2020). Stigma reduction in a cohort of HIV positive males receiving art who consume alcohol: findings from a randomized control trial in India, JAIDS, 34:583-592.

Schensul, J., Salvi,A., Ha, Toan, Reisine, S., Li, Jianghong, Moni, Yacihuilca (2020). Building a New Scale to Measure Worries about Oral Hygiene Self-Management in Vulnerable Older Adults. Gerontology, 37(1), 2-10. doi: 10.1111/ger.12451.