The Youth Action Hub

The Youth Action Hub is a center of research and advocacy staffed and led by youth/young adults to contribute youth voice in current research and policy advocacy around youth homelessness in Connecticut. The Youth Action Hub is comprised of 10 trained youth/young adult action researchers between the ages of 16-24 from the greater Hartford region who have had personal experience with housing instability and have a desire to carry out research and advocacy to improve systems of care for youth. Professional researchers from the Institute for Community Research (ICR) work closely with the Youth Action Hub, using an evidence-based Youth Participatory Action Research training curriculum to train and mentor youth to serve as researchers, advocates and partners in a statewide effort. The Youth Action Hub works in partnership with a statewide coalition of youth-serving organizations and institutions working to end youth homelessness.

Additional Information:

Evaluation Study of a Rapid Re-Housing Program for Young Adults
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Study on Young People’s Access to Housing Services in Connecticut
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