MDMA Project: MDMA and STD/HIV Risk among hidden Networks of Ecstasy-Using Young Adults

The purpose of this study was to discover whether and in what ways MDMA contributes to sexualbehavior and decision making, and when its use is associated with lack of protection. Onecomponent of the study examined the current status of ecstasy use and distribution, at a time whenuse appeared to be rising, and perceptions of risk were low. The study explored beliefs or scriptsabout MDMA use, where and why it is used and whether it is connected to sexual risk taking. Thestudy also obtained from current users real life stories of MDMA use and sexual behavior and usednew analytic techniques to tease out when MDMA makes a difference in sexual decisions and whenit does not. The goal was to build an intervention thatenhances agency by identifyingandpromoting continued use of protection in situations where protection is typically used,whileavoiding situations when it is not.

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