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Multilevel Female Condom Intervention

Multilevel Female Condom Intervention

Female condom

Enhancing HIV Prevention through Multi-level Community Intervention to Promote Women-Initiated Prevention Options

This 4-year study sought to enhance HIV prevention by increasing community-wide availability, accessibility, and support for use of the female condom to reduce transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as pregnancy. The female condom, a vaginal pouch worn during sex, is currently the most effective woman-initiated barrier method to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The study used a community-based approach to develop and implement a multi-level intervention by mobilizing and building the capacity of a group of community members, service providers, and activists. This group, the Community Action and Advocacy Board called SWEET Inner Power, collectively developed and piloted interventions targeting the whole community (Facebook, outreach, FAQ sheets), health and service organizations’ staff (workshop on how to promote FC with patients/clients), and at-risk


See the Project Abstract here.

Project Findings

Please read the project findings here.

CAAB Curriculum

Please see the Community Action and Advocacy Board Curriculum created as a part of this project here.


Weeks, M.R., Abbott, M., Hilario, H., Radda, K., Medina, Z., Prince, M., Li, J., Kaplan, C. (2013). Structural issues affecting creation of a Community Action and Advocacy Board: A pilot project engaging community to develop multilevel intervention for HIV prevention using female condoms. Health Education Research, 28:375-391. PMID: 23660461; PMC3649213.