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Microbicides in Southern China

Microbicides in Southern China

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Microbicide and Female Condom Acceptability for HIV/STD Prevention among Female Sex Workers in Southern China

This three-year study was a supplement to ICR’s “Microbicide Acceptability to Prevent HIV in Women”. The focus of the study was to replicate some aspects of the Microbicide Acceptability project in three rural and semi-urban towns in Hainan and Guangxi Provinces in China. We worked with local health care providers and other trusted community workers to examine the level of preparedness among female sex workers for using microbicide products (vaginal creams, foams, and gels used during sex) and the female condom to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD). The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods to examine factors that affect their willingness to try or adopt such methods, and their reasons for choosing among alternative approaches to reduce HIV/STD.


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