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AIDS Risk in Older Adults

AIDS Risk in Older Adults

Older adults aids and hiv risks of senior housing

AIDS Risk in Older Adult Senior Housing Residents

The goal of this study was to explore the drug and sexual risks that contributed to the spread of HIV among minority, lower income adults living in senior housing and shelters in Hartford, CT and Chicago, IL. The study considered whether older adult buildings in neighborhoods where injection drug use is common can be central locations for high-risk activities and associated HIV transmission. Research results were used as a foundation for individual and group-based intervention strategies appropriate for this population.

Project Staff

Jean J. Schensul, Ph.D.,
Principal Investigator
Kim Radda, M.A., R.N.,
Co-Principal Investigator/ Project Director
William Dish, Ph.D.,
Senior Research Analyst
Evelyn Baez, B.A.
Project Coordinator
Michelle So, B.A.,
Data Manager
Jeanne Ota, B.A.,
Data Manager
Gus Lopez, H.S.,
Community Researcher

Carmen Reyes, M.S.M.,
Co-Principal Investigator

Judith Levy, Ph.D.,
Site Principal Investigator
Elijah Ward, Ph.D.,
Wayne Smith McKenzie, M.Ed., M.P.H.,
Research Specialist
Milton Armston, M.A.


Please read the project abstract here.