Institute for Community Research
AAPI PAR I. Stress and Substance Abuse among AAPI Students

AAPI PAR I. Stress and Substance Abuse among AAPI Students


Experiences of Stress and Substance Use Among AAPI Students

Using a participatory research approach, students were treated as equal partners in the whole research process from design, data collection, analysis and reporting/publishing. Each student was expected to select his/her own study questions under the scope of project theme of substance use and stress among COEAA students. Research skill training included research ethics, literature search and review, data collection methods, interviewing skills, qualitative data analysis methods, interpretation of findings, and presentation and publishing. Methods used during the summer included free list focus group interviewing, pile sort survey, and in-depth interview data collection and analysis.

Project Description

Please read the project description here.

Dissemination and Presentations

Please view the project presentation here.

Project Staff and Student Researchers

Jianghong Li, M.D., Msc.
Principal Investigator

Irene Shaver, PhD Candidate
Program Coordinator and Instructor

Heather Mosher, PhD
Training Design and Video Production

Program Support Interns
Pauravi Chhaya
Vanessa Lam
Raymond Li
Hayley Berg

Student Researchers
Full Time
Darius A. Mostaghimi
Daniel Hand High School
Madison, CT

Jennifer Zhu
Amity Regional Senior High School
Woodbridge, CT

Victoria Xie
Glastonbury High School
South Glastonbury, CT

Xiaoxuan Angel Wu
William H. Hall High School
West Hartford, CT

Part time
Alan Zhao
New York, NY

Erik Dongxiong Zhu
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

Plan For the Future

We plan to continue with more thorough data analysis, academic conference presentation and journal paper submission are in the works. We also welcome more interested students, parents, providers, community members and researchers to contact us and discuss collaboration possibilities. We are especially interested in developing faith based intervention program to improve parent-child relationship, substance abuse prevention and improve mental health wellness. If interested, please contact Dr. JiangHong Li at; (860) 278-2044 ext. 297.