Participatory Work

Participatory research methods can use creative approaches to display research models, design effective health interventions, communicate research results, and engage communities in action to improve and enrich their lives. These materials include videos/films, performances, artworks, and more.

Meriden Youth Action Researchers (2014)

Meriden Youth Action Researchers Multi-Media Research Exhibit displayed research findings on teen substance use in an audiovisual exhibit that incorporated Photovoice, youth voiceovers, qualitative interview quotes and quantitative data charts.

Epic Bail and Not a Prescription for Dating (2013)

“Epic Bail” and “Not a Prescription for Dating” are short docudramas based on true stories and research of teens’ experiences with the pressures and consequences of doing drugs. The films were developed and produced by youth as part of a social marketing campaign to reduce teen substance use. To view “Epic Bail” on YouTube, click here. To view “Not a Prescription for Dating”, click here.

New Year’s Eve Party (2012).

is a short docudrama based on research conducted by teens to better understand the issue of underage drinking from a youth perspective. The film was developed and produced by youth as an arts-based intervention for their peers. A “choose your own ending” style was used to produce an interactive learning environment for teens to reflect on ways that different characters could change the story outcome by making different decisions. To view the film on YouTube, click here.

Borders Beyond Bliss (2011) Preventing MDMA Use

Xperience: Performances and CD release shows (2006-2007).

Five free live entertainment shows containing drug prevention messages produced and performed by Hartford youth, featuring 16 performing artists (individuals and groups). Xperience also produced professionally recorded and mastered CDs featuring young up-and-coming artists who promoted drug-free lifestyles through their works of art.

ICR YARI Photovoice Project (2005) of Hartford and Waterbury youth on the environment.

I got Mine, did You Get yours?: The Story of Flu Vaccination (2005).

This health promotion video was created by the V.I.P. (Vaccinate for Influenza Prevention) Committee, a coalition of Hartford senior housing residents. It was designed to increase knowledge and positive attitudes toward flu vaccination among low-income, primarily ethnic minority older adults living in senior housing as part of a model health promotion intervention delivered through peer health advocacy campaigns.

Living Spaces: A Multimedia and Interdisciplinary Program (2003).

An exhibition, performance, and talk that explored the relationship between art, research, and the physical and imagined spaces of our environment. Press Release

Recipes for Life: Celebrating the Lives of Community Elders (2002-2004)

“Recipes for Life” explored the ways in which older adults successfully cope with the aging process. Through an arts-based intervention, older adults shared life experiences and thoughts on successful aging.

A Hard Way Out: A youth-produced anti-violence video (1994).

Filmed in Hartford, A Hard Way Out examines the effects of substance abuse and violence on the lives of young people. Based on a series of improvisations with youth from ICR’s National Teen Action Research Center, it is the story of a brother and sister who must fend for themselves in the inner city after their mother’s death.