Youth Food Program Alliance

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The Youth Food Program Alliance brings together effective systems change, agriculture, and culinary programs working with young people across CT to build their abilities and resources.

Youth Action Hub


The Youth Action Hub is a center of research and advocacy staffed and led by youth/young adults to contribute youth voice in current research and policy advocacy around youth homelessness in Connecticut.

Evaluation of a rapid re-housing program for young adults


This project evaluates the impact of a youth-centric rapid re-housing program on the lives of young people involved, tracking participants’ outcomes (housing stability, emotional and physical health) in six-month increments for up to two years during and/or after engagement in the program.

Sexual Minority Youth Action Research Project

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The Sexual Minority Youth Action Research Project of the Youth Action Research Institute trains lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth of color and their allies to use research as a tool for addressing issues of concern and importance to them, their communities and schools. Teams of Community Youth Researchers conducted research on the availability of and access to support systems for urban, primarily minority, LGBTQ youth in two urban areas of Connecticut.

Coalition Building and Youth Substance Abuse Prevention in West Hartford, CT

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ICR's prevention program in West Hartford is a collaboration between the West Hartford Substance Abuse Prevention Commission, Institute for Community Research, West Hartford high school students and school administration, and community members.

Youth Action Research for Prevention

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This three-year project built upon 12 years of prior intervention projects that conducted Participatory Action Research for social change and risk prevention, with both youth and adults. The project followed three previously CSAP funded YPAR interventions for substance use prevention, Teen Action Research for Prevention (TARP), Urban women against substance abuse (UWASA), a mother-daughter program and Desarollando el poder dentro de ti, a prevention program to strengthen Puerto Rican families in the context of community substance abuse activities. Youth Action Research for Prevention offered ICR the opportunity to conduct a much needed rigorous evaluation of the process and outcomes of a YPAR program for prevention filling a gap in the YPAR literature.

Youth Rxeaction

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This YARI project involved West Hartford teens in investigations of prescription drug misuse in their town.

Resident Engagement Through Action Research for Community and Family Strengthening

Residents from two Hartford neighborhoods used a participatory action research framework to shape their inquiry into what their communities need to thrive.

Violence-Free Zone


As a part of the My Brother's Keeper (MBK) and Viole-Free Zone (VFZ) initiatives, this project aimed to map out assets in the 06210 zip code of Hartford useful in preventing violence. Young researchers worked in this summer intensive to learn basic research methods and present their findings to decision makers.

Diffusing Youth-Based Participatory Action Research for Prevention Model

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The Diffusing Youth-Based Participatory Action Research for Prevention project piloted and created an abbreviated curriculum and implementation manual designed for youth-serving organizations. This project explored how ICR's theory-driven substance abuse prevention model, which uses a participatory action research (PAR) training process as the basis for youth risk-prevention and education through skill-building, empowerment and problem-solving, can be shortened and adapted for use by youth workers in different settings and with different urban populations.

Building Youth Leadership Capacity in Food Justice Campaigns

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ICR is working with food justice organizations across Connecticut to develop the next generation of leaders in the local food justice movement.

Youth Participatory Action Research to Reduce Teen Substance Use in Meriden

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This youth participatory action research (YPAR) program is a year round youth employment opportunity for economically disadvantaged youth in Meriden, Connecticut, funded by the Workforce Alliance, Inc.