Drug Use, Housing Access, Stability and HIV Risk among Low-Income Urban Residents

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This 4-year study explored the relationship between structural factors of housing (access to housing subsidies and programs, status and stability) and HIV risk among low-income drug users compared to non-drug users.

MDMA Project

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The purpose of this study was to discover whether and in what ways MDMA contributes to sexual behavior and decision making, and when its use is associated with lack of protection.

Female Condom Study

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This four-year study explored factors that enhance or impede initial and long-term use of female condoms to prevent HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections.

Rollin’ and Dustin’: Pathways to Urban Life Styles

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This traveling exhibit, a collaboration of ICR and the Hartford Animation Institute, was designed to present almost 10 years of research findings on the lifestyles and drug use of young people in Hartford, CT. 

Urban Lifestyles: Club Drugs, Resource Inequities and Health Risks in Urban Youth

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This cutting-edge study examined the mechanisms through which potentially dangerous new club, dance-related and prescription drugs (often referred to as "designer drugs") were diffusing into the urban environment in Hartford.

Microbicides Acceptability Among Sex Workers in Southern China


This 3-year study examined readiness among female sex workers in Hainan and Guangxi Provinces, China, for vaginal microbicides and the female condom to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Older Hartford Residents

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This three-year study identified the predictors and prevalence of depression and anxiety in a residential community of older, primarily minority, adults living in public and private senior housing in Hartford, CT.

Project Protect

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This three-year study conducted in Hartford, CT explored readiness for use of vaginal microbicides as HIV prevention among women involved in high-risk activities, such as drug use and risky sex.

Pathways to High-Risk Drug Abuse Among Urban Youth

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This 4-year study identified critical factors responsible for the transition from "soft" or "gateway" drug use to "hard" drug use, including injection drug use, among multiethnic inner city young adults in Hartford, CT.

Study of High-Risk Drug Use Settings (HRS) for HIV Prevention

Research on the dynamics and characteristics of high-risk drug use sites and site user social networks to document HIV-related risks and to assess potential of developing AIDS prevention interventions to be implemented in situ. This is Project 3 of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA).

HIV Prevention in High Risk Drug Use Sites: Project RAP

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This study investigated the efficacy and diffusion of a peer-led HIV prevention intervention, implemented by trained, active substance users in partnership with project staff. It was conducted in high-risk substance use settings. The subsequent longitudinal study investigated long-term behavioral effects of the peer-implemented HIV prevention program on trained active substance users and the substance-using contacts to whom they provided the intervention, diffusion of the intervention and its effects through substance-user social networks, and into substance-use sites in Hartford, CT. It also investigated the sustainability of the peer-led HIV prevention intervention.