Inter-Generational Culture Gaps, Stress Coping and ATOD Risk and Resilience among Chinese and Other East Asians American (COEAA) Youth

We recruited Eastern Asian community researchers (high school students, college students, parents) from the community as equal research partners. Six weeks of intensive research skill training , collaborative research development workshop, and research implementation was carried out during summer of 2014. The training includes research ethics, literature review, theoretical modeling, qualitative data collection methods and skill building, interview guide development, participant recruitment, coding of interview transcriptions, data analysis and interpretation of data. To assure the greatest relevance of research to the target community, we work with our community researchers to refine the theoretical framework and develop specific hypotheses to be tested.

Please read the project description here.
Please see the Breaking the Silence presentation here.
Please see the 2015 Summer Program Introduction presentation here.

2015 Staff

Principal Investigator
Jianghong Li, M.D., M.S.
Senior Research Scientist

Project Coordinator
Lixuang Wang
Research Assistant

Community Researchers
Allen Haugh
Farmington, CT High School

Catherin Gong
William Mason, OH High School

Christine Li
University of Miami, FL

Kellen Gan
Northeastern University, MA

Wenching Chiang
Parent and Teacher at East Hartford Public Schools, CT

2014 Staff

Principal Investigator
Jianghong Li, M.D., M.S.
Senior Research Scientist

Heather Mosher, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Project Coordinator
Irene Shaver, Ph.D. Candidate
Research Assistant

Community Researchers
Akiko Choi
Bryan Bliek
Jiayang Guo
Qiancheng Hu
Xian Shen
Zhao Hui Cai

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