Project Description

Longitudinal Exploration of Pathways to HIV/STI Risk Reduction among Homeless Young Adults through a Youth-Centric Rapid Re-Housing Program

The proposed study is a longitudinal exploration of pathways to resilience and HIV/STI risk reduction among homeless young adults ages 18-24 (YAEH) through a youth-centric rapid re-housing program (YRR). Results will identify causal processes through which YRR programs affect YAEHs’ resilience and HIV/STI risk, build a foundation for a large-N study to test these mechanisms, and inform community responses to reducing health disparities in HIV/STIs among a high risk and vulnerable population by helping communities improve their interventions for YAEH.

Additional Information:

Heather Mosher, PhD
Primary Investigator
Jianghong Li, MD, MS

Rosley Gonzalez
Research Coordinator
Elizabeth Jadovich
Field Interviewer

UMass Amherst
Jerrold Meyer, PhD

Portland State University
Ellen Skinner, PhD

Please read the project abstract here.

Please read the project information on the NIH Reporter here.

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