Project Description

Community-based Approaches to Strengthening Economic Supports for Working Families

This initiative seeks to determine if implementation of earned income tax credit (EITC) outreach and education activities in communities at higher risk for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can result in (1) increased EITC receipt and (2) changes in risk and/or protective factors for ACEs among the target populations. The population of interest in this project is parents with young children in the Hartford and New Britain area who have limited income, whose income has been impacted by the pandemic, and those who may be limited-English speakers. Children and youth in this project’s primary target areas  live in environments that increase susceptibility to multiple ACEs. ICR serves as the Evaluators for this project, charged with developing and implementing an evaluation plan that employs a mixed-methods approach that a) includes multiple measures including collected project data, automatic system-generated reports, participation records, and client surveys, and b) enriches quantitative reports with qualitative data.

Additional Information:

Danielle Green Montague
Lead Evaluator

Jianghong Li

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut (UWCNCT)
Allyson McGinty
Project Manager

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